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The current subscription rates were set more than ten years ago. Since then administrative costs, particularly postage which has more than doubled, have risen substantially. The Trustees presented their intention of increasing subscriptions with effect from 1 January 2023 to the AGM of The Gallipoli Association held on 23 September 2022. In arriving  at their decision they reflected on the current economic climate and have therefore made only modest changes to subscription levels.

For those paying by Direct Debit, Standing Order, PayPal and Cash, UK subscriptions will rise from £20 Pa to £25 Pa. For those beyond UK subscriptions will rise from £30 Pa to £40 Pa. For those paying by PayPal there will be a £1.50 supplement.

It will be necessary for all those members who do not pay by Direct Debit to make arrangements to adjust their payment. We are able to change the details of those with Direct Debit payments.

The Trustees have also considered ways of mitigating the uplifts and have decided to make available ‘e-membership’. In these circumstances on-line editions of The Gallipolian will be substituted for the hard copy publications. The rate for those opting for this service will have their subscription set at £20 Pa.

The administration of these changes will take some while to complete and The Trustees ask for early attention on the part of members. Those opting the digital ‘e-membership’ should contact Peter Luff ( as soon as possible.



IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please note that our Contract Address has changed.

For all postal enquiries, please write to:

Margaret Carter, Hon. Secretary,

The Gallipoli Association 
Monomark House
27 Old Gloucester Street

Gift Aid

As The Gallipoli Association became a registered charity on 3 February 2014, we have applied successfully to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to be registered for Gift Aid. This means that for every £1.00 you pay to The Gallipoli Association, we can reclaim 25 pence back from HMRC. This costs nothing for our members but provides additional income for The Gallipoli Association.

The Gallipoli Association is eligible to reclaim these amounts from HMRC if:

1. An Association member pays UK tax equal to or greater than the amount The Gallipoli Association can claim. For example, for an annual subscription of £25.00, the Gallipoli Association can reclaim £6.25 from HMRC provided the member pays at least £6.25 income or capital gains tax to HMRC. If you donate or subscribe to other charities, please bear in mind that they also may be registered for Gift Aid and therefore, your tax paid to HMRC must be greater than the Gift Aid amounts that those charities can reclaim in total from HMRC.

2. The Gallipoli Association holds an authorised declaration from that member.

If you are a UK tax payer and Note 1 above applies to you, we would appreciate your completion of a Gift Aid Declaration form. Once completed, please send to:

Membership Secretary, Mr Peter Luff,

The Gallipoli Association

19 Old Exeter Road



PL19 0JE


A Declaration Form may be downloaded from HERE, or please contact the above.


 The Gallipolian Archive

A complete archive of Gallipolian journals, from edition 1 through to 134 (1969-2014), is currently in progress of creation, and will be available to members soon. The collection will feature a fully hyperlinked index, allowing the relevant PDF file to be opened directly from the index entry. Files can also be downloaded for viewing locally on this website.


Registered Charity No.1155609

To view our charity constitution please click HERE