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Responsible to: Board of Trustees through the Chairman.

Role: Responsible for arranging Trustees’ and General meetings and for the sound administration of the Gallipoli Association.  The Secretary is the first point of contact for members seeking advice on Association activities/matters and those approaching the Association for the first time.

Main Tasks

  • Arranging the date and venue for Trustees’ and General meetings .
  • Preparing the agenda for Trustees’ and General meetings in consultation with the Chairman and Trustees.
  • Ensuring the timely submission of papers and reports for Trustees’ and General meetings.
  • Circulating papers and reports for consideration at Trustees’ and General meetings.
  • Liaison with the Legal Officer on matters relating to the holding of General meetings and the Association’s constitution.  
  • Attending and taking minutes of Trustees’ and General meetings.
  • Clearing the draft minutes of the above with the Chairman and circulation to Trustees/members as appropriate in a timely way.
  • Dealing with correspondence and general enquiries from members and others in consultation, as necessary, with other Association officials and Trustees.
  • Liaison with the Quartermaster and Events’ Organiser in relation to Association and other events.
  • Liaison with the Editor and Webmaster in relation to publicising Association events.
  • Liaison with the Editor in respect of material for the journal received in ‘hard copy’.
  • Maintaining the limited archives of the Association.

Skills and attributes required:

  • An integral member of a small team of Trustees, who is able to work collaboratively within small groups, accepts compromise, retains flexibility and supports the decisions of the group.
  • A sound knowledge of the Gallipoli Campaign and an understanding of the Association’s objectives and constitution.
  • Well organised with good oral and written communication skills.
  • Developed general IT skills, including email use and appropriate protocols.
  • Experience of using database management systems.
  • Patience and resilience in arranging and resolving Association matters.
  • Time available on most days to attend to these duties.


Gift Aid

As The Gallipoli Association became a registered charity on 3 February 2014, we have applied successfully to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to be registered for Gift Aid. This means that for every £1.00 you pay to The Gallipoli Association, we can reclaim 25 pence back from HMRC. This costs nothing for our members but provides additional income for The Gallipoli Association.

The Gallipoli Association is eligible to reclaim these amounts from HMRC if:

1. An Association member pays UK tax equal to or greater than the amount The Gallipoli Association can claim. For example, for an annual subscription of £25.00, the Gallipoli Association can reclaim £6.25 from HMRC provided the member pays at least £6.25 income or capital gains tax to HMRC. If you donate or subscribe to other charities, please bear in mind that they also may be registered for Gift Aid and therefore, your tax paid to HMRC must be greater than the Gift Aid amounts that those charities can reclaim in total from HMRC.

2. The Gallipoli Association holds an authorised declaration from that member.

If you are a UK tax payer and Note 1 above applies to you, we would appreciate your completion of a Gift Aid Declaration form. Once completed, please send to:

Membership Secretary, Mr Peter Luff,

The Gallipoli Association

19 Old Exeter Road



PL19 0JE


A Declaration Form may be downloaded from HERE, or please contact the above.


 The Gallipolian Archive

A complete archive of Gallipolian journals, from edition 1 through to 134 (1969-2014), is currently in progress of creation, and will be available to members soon. The collection will feature a fully hyperlinked index, allowing the relevant PDF file to be opened directly from the index entry. Files can also be downloaded for viewing locally on this website.


 Association e-Newsletter

The Association e-Newsletter is going from strength to strength since its initial launch in March 2010. It has now over 1200 registered members for whom we have an email address. We trust that this proves to be a useful addition to our communications, and comments are welcomed. In the future we are planning to keep running the e-newsletter, so watch this space, or rather your mailbox!

Important Note: If you currently do not receive the e-Newsletter, and would like to, please update your membership details on the website, or email


Registered Charity No.1155609

To view our charity constitution please click HERE