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The Association

We are the foremost Association for the Gallipoli campaign who, with genuine passion and enthusiasm, help to keep its memory alive. Our key focus today is education, in particular of the young of all those countries that once took part in this tragic campaign. By raising public awareness of the Gallipoli Campaign, encouraging and facilitating study, we keep the memory of the campaign alive, ensuring that all who served in it, and those who gave their lives, are not forgotten. We have existed f…
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Welcome to the Gallipoli Association education page. Ian Binnie is the recently appointed Education Coordinator for the Association. The Trustees place great importance on educational activities which keep the memory of Gallipoli alive and further the knowledge and understanding of the campaign. Ian's predecessors were involved in the very successful Gallipoli Centenary Education Project (GCEP). This project has technically finished but the separate website is still live. It has a huge amount…
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Where, What and Why Gallipoli

Where is Gallipoli? The Gallipoli peninsula is located in Thrace, on the European part of Turkey, with the Aegean Sea to the west and the Dardanelles strait to the east. The peninsula runs for about 60km in a south-westerly direction into the Aegean Sea, between the Hellespont and the Gulf of Saros. The Dardanelles, which is about 45km in length and between 1 – 2km in width, is the name derived from Dardanus, an ancient city on the Asian shore of the strait which was the name of the mythical so…

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