11 September 1915

HELLES - Lieutenant Charles Cooke, Army Service Corps, 29th Division - As September drifted past the men sat in their holes in the ground. One astute observer was drawn to the similarities of the crude life on the Peninsula and the imagined habits of Neanderthal man.

"Cregan, the doctor, says we get more childish every day and prophesies that if we are here much longer we shall not converse but utter weird noises and snap at our food, hiding the bones in holes in the ground. He drew a graphic picture of Farquhar retiring into the Krithia Nullah and hunting about the country on all fours and occasionally making raids for food to the beaches. All efforts to tame him will be useless and he will, revert to the prehistoric man."

IWM DOCS: C. A. Cooke, Typescript diary, 11/9/1915