Gallipoli - Anzac Day 2021

The Gallipoli Association laid wreath in remembrance of British, Anzac and Irish forces that landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula on 25th April 1915.

A wreath was placed at the Anzac Commemoration Centre at Ari Burnu, the site where the first Australian and New Zealand forces came ashore. A second wreath was then placed at the Helles Memorial to the Gallipoli Campaign that commemorates British, Anzac, Irish and the Indian contribution to the campaign, and lists the names of those missing.

Many thanks to Bill Sellars for representing the Gallipoli Association in Anzac Day out in Turkey and for the photographs of this special occasion.

The wreath bore the words "To Remember, To Honour, To Study - Keeping alive the memory of the Gallipoli Campaign and ensuring that all who fought or served in it, and those who gave their lives, are not forgotten"