02 October 1915

General Sir Ian Hamilton, Headquarters, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force - As the life dribbled from the Gallipoli campaign, Hamilton, his protestations ignored, was forced to acquiesce to the reduction of his force as not only a French Division but his 10th (Irish) Division were to be sent off to Salonika.

"The despatch of the Salonika force and their outfit are absorbing all my energies. Our whole Expeditionary Force is being drawn upon to send the 10th Division creditably turned out to the new theatre. The twenty-four hours' delay caused by the political crisis at Athens has been a godsend in enabling me to re-clothe and re-equip the detachment from top to toe. The supplies for my own force are now exhausted, but - on the principle of the starving garrison who threw loaves over the ramparts at the besiegers - we must try and make a good first impression on the Greeks."

Hamilton's bitterness was corrosive, but he had surely had his chance. The end would be soon...

Sir I Hamilton, Gallipoli Diary, Vol.II, (Edward Arnold: London 1920), p.233