25 November 1915

ANZAC - Private George Edward King, 19th Battalion AIF, 5th Brigade, 2nd Australian Division, ANZAC - King, in his diary entry for 25 November, unknowingly wrote about a new ruse that was going to help with the evacuation. Rumours were of course spreading at the time, but no one ever thought that Gallipoli would be abandoned.

"We are trying a new ruse to trick the Turks, and it is causing great amusement amongst the men. We are keeping low and the rations are being drawn at night, so as to make it appear that we have evacuated our positions. The men treat it as a huge joke, and think it will not have any effect on the cunning Turks or their German officers. The ruse is to be kept up until the Turks make an attack, and then give them a surprise. It started last night, so we are anxiously waiting developments. Things are very quiet, with no shots being fired by our own side, who usually do more firing by day, but the Turks fire a few occasionally and also throw a few bombs."

From the diary of Private G E King ,19th Battalion AIF (AWM PR83/018)