August 1915

This daily episode will tell the story of the Dardanelles and Gallipoli campaign by those who were there, the men themselves. Using a rich selection of diaries, letters and books, some published before, some not, we sought to use these snippets to help describe what happened that day in 1915/16.

Many thanks goes to member Peter Hart who has contributed the majority of these entries, whose ongoing passion for the campaign helps keep the memory alive. If you have any comments or suggestions, or wish to add further entries please contact Stephen Chambers by email on -

Note: For a high level overview of the major campaign events, see The Campaign Timeline 1914-1916

  • 26 August 1915

    ANZAC - Lance Corporal William Lycett, 4th Field Ambulance, Australian Army Medical Corps, AIF - His diary entry for 26 August sho…

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  • 27 August 1915

    ANZAC - HILL 60 - Anzac and Suvla was still under threat and it was decided to make one last effort to capture Hill 60 on 27 Augus…

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  • 28 August 1915

    ANZAC - HILL 60 - The Turks were determined to regain their viewpoint and attacked all through the night. It was a desperate fight…

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  • 29 August 1915

    ANZAC - HILL 60 - After consolidation, in clear sign of desperation the 10th Light Horse were called forward. They were still suff…

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  • 30 August 1915

    HELLES - It is tempting to see the fate of Lieutenant Charles Lister as somehow symbolic of the campaign history: there he was pre…

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