Gallipoli-themed Virtual Tour of Warwick

Event Details

  • 24 Apr 21 14:00 - 24 Apr 21 16:00
  • Tour
  • Zoom Web Talk

Saturday 24 April 2021 at 2:00pm (GMT)

In my role as Education Co-ordinator I am working with a group producing a Gallipoli themed virtual tour of Warwick. 
The tour is virtually finished and covers key sites for the Royal Warwickshire Regiment and the Warwickshire Yeomanry before they embarked for the peninsular and when they returned. It features St. Mary's church, the military museums and other historic buildings, memorials and the houses of individual soldiers who were killed in Gallipoli. The tour also includes "then and now" photos. 
Wearing a different hat, I am giving a free Zoom talk on behalf of the Friends of the Fusilier Museum in Warwick on "The five Warwick V.C.'s of WW1". This is on Saturday 24th April at 2.00pm. After this talk Jonathan Davy, the leader of the group, will be showing the virtual tour. You will be amazed by the technology! This will be about 3.15 and last about 45 minutes.
If any GA members wish to join the talk/preview, they should email me on There will be one Zoom link and those members who are interested can either join the first talk or join later for the preview of the virtual tour. 
For those missing out on ANZAC Day due to the Covid 19 regulations, what a good way to commemorate it in the warmth of your own home!