Gallipoli – Six Before Breakfast

Event Details

  • 17 Jan 21 19:30 - 17 Jan 21 21:00
  • Tour
  • Virtual Battlefield Tour

Battlefield Guide – Stephen Chambers

Tour Manager – Lucy Betteridge-Dyson

Scheduled For – 17th January 2021

Fee: £20.00 - Booking via

Collectively known as the “Six VCs before breakfast”, the Victoria Cross being the highest British and Commonwealth military honour there is, the valour shown by the Lancashire Fusiliers in its famous bloody dawn landing at Gallipoli, remains an achievement never again surpassed. Landing on what was thought to be an impregnable beach on 25th April 1915, they received a hail of deadly fire which they overcame, cutting their way through wire entanglements and fighting their way up the cliffs to secure the beach. The valour shown in this ‘Lancashire Landing’ has gone down in army and county folklore.

This Virtual Tour will land you on the beaches of Gallipoli where you will follow the exploits of these remarkable men from the Incomparable 29th Division.

Note: Please note that whilst Stephen Chambers, the Gallipoli Association historian, is guiding this virtual battlefield tour, it is not a GA event but run by Battle Guide Virtual Tours. However as it has a Gallipoli theme we thought it may be of interest.  

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